Nachshon Draiman

Nachshon Draiman

Since emigrating from Israel in 1963, Nachshon Draiman has embodied the American dream through the classic attributes of hard work and determination attached to a typically American entrepreneurial spirit.

I started in general social services but quickly moved into geriatrics, since it was an emerging field and the programs were virtually brand new,

With an educational foundation in psychology and social work as well as health administration, Nachshon Draiman saw great potential and the possibility of fundamentally reforming a broken system in long-term care for the elderly as well as those beset by mental and physical disabilities or otherwise... Read more.

Future Associates

Future is currently involved in the operation of a few nursing facilities in the Chicagoland area. The Peterson Park facility, located in Chicago’s north side, offers a comprehensive rehabilitation program with physical, occupational, respiratory and speech therapy services for residents who have been affected with a debilitating illness, injury, operation or chronic condition.

Another facility is located in the Joliet area of Illinois and its quality specialized care services include: post-hospitalization care, restorative nursing, hospice care, and complete In-House IV therapy. Additionally, a facility located in the Burnham, Illinois area specializes in providing care for the M.I. population.

  • The innovative and dynamic character of Future Associates dates back to 1973
  • Future has been involved in caring for over 3000 people and provides more than 1500 jobs.
  • Involvement is now broadened into management of real estate as well as other entrepreneurial ventures such as hotel development.

Throughout all of its activities, Future has sought to surround itself with a vast network of human service organizations and professionals. Each health care facility and human service program maintains a complete staff of physicians, specialists and professional consultants (e.g., physical therapists, social workers). Future has also developed working relationships with many public and private social welfare agencies ranging from the Mayors Office on Senior Citizens and the Handicapped, to the Jewish Council for the Elderly. By having good working relationships with such professionals and organizations, Future is able to immediately call on their service and/or advice to quickly solve the client’s problems. Future continues to expand its network of providers in order to identify new areas of service as well as to better serve the needs of existing clients

Future Associates.