Nachshon Draiman

Nachshon Draiman's business profile



Since emigrating from Israel in 1963, Nachshon Draiman has embodied the American dream through the classic attributes of hard work and determination attached to a typically American entrepreneurial spirit.

With an educational foundation in psychology and social work as well as health administration, Nachshon Draiman saw great potential and the possibility of fundamentally reforming a broken system in long-term care for the elderly as well as those beset by mental and physical disabilities or otherwise indigent.

Over the last 20 years, Nachshon Draiman has taken over numerous long-term facilities in Illinois and in several other regions and completely reorganized them - From the aspects of basic human care to the philosophy of management into highly desirable facilities that are exemplary models for long-term care of any kind, especially geriatrics. His facilities and their innovative management receive admirable reviews from state regulatory agencies as well as associations.

Nachshon Draiman has extended his successful management strategy to hotels and other hospitality ventures as well and commercial and residential real estate, working with a ensemble of partners and investors through his Future Associates enterprise.

“I started in general social services but quickly moved into geriatrics, since it was an emerging field and the programs were virtually brand new,” Nachshon Draiman says. “But even as I was learning I could also see there were ways to improve not only the attitude of caring for the elderly but also the mechanics of managing a facility so that less time and money could be spent on administration and more on the direct care of the people.”

Nachshon Draiman’s model for managing these facilities begins from the fundamental premise of ethics. “I always try to remember the word ‘care,’” he says. “That is, after all, the purpose of these facilities. I try to remove as much bureaucracy as I can between a resident and the care he or she needs.”

Extending that model to other areas of real estate led Nachshon Draiman to form a utility consultancy that applies his management philosophy and processes toward significant savings in energy and utility use.

“My work and my businesses have emerged from a dedicated approach to service, simply to be of help,” Nachshon Draiman says. “I have been fortunate because I am able to follow a basic concern for the well-being of others and making it into a successful business. It provides a very deep satisfaction.”